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Gdansk street art – the biggest urban gallery in Poland

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When taking the train from Gdansk to Sopot or Gdynia you pass a big area with large blocks of flats. That’s Zaspa – one of the residential districts of the city. At first sight it looks pretty average, just another random place that you can find in this part of Europe. But when looking closer it turns out it is actually more than special! The majority of blocks is covered in huge murals, representing the best of what Gdansk street art can offer!

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Gdansk street art

Gdansk street art scene in Zaspa

The first mural in Zaspa was created in 1997 by Rafał Roskowiński. It shows two most iconic Polish citizens – Lech Wałęsa, the father of „Solidarność” movement that has changed the history of Poland and Europe at the end of the 20th century, and the Pope John Paul 2nd. The mural was one of 10 that were made to for the 1000th birthday of Gdansk. And that’s how the whole huge gallery of murals has started.

gdansk-street-art (42)
Now there’s the annual street art festival taking place in the neighbourhood, the mural school and the Monumental Paintings Collection. There’re over 50 works spread all over the area, some better than others but together they make a wonderful collage of Gdansk street art. Apparently it’s the world’s biggest collection of murals located in such a small area! The artists that were invited to create on the walls of Zaspa came from all over the world – it’s easy to see the influence of artists from South America, Polish murals scene or members of Prague street art community.

Gdansk street art

My impressions from exploring murals of Zaspa

I was lucky this summer I had to go from work to Gdansk. And since I had free 7 hours I thought it’s a perfect opportunity to explore Gdansk street art scene in Zaspa. I printed a map from their wesbsite and I expected it would take me some 2 hours to see all the work. Oh how wrong I was! 4 hours later I could hardly feel my feet, I was overwhelmed with the creativity I’ve witnessed and my head was about to explode from all the awesomeness around! Yet I still kept going, there were few more murals I wanted to see! I was especially impressed with those huge ones, created on the walls of 10-storeys blocks! My mind just couldn’t take it all in!

Gdansk street art in Zaspa – practical informations

You can easily get to Zaspa by city train (SKM) – you have to go to Gdansk Wrzeszcz station (then you’re on the eastern edge of the neighbourhood and exploring from there is much easier) or to Gdansk Zaspa (you’re in the middle). It is possible to go for the organized tour around. I’d have loved to do that but the timing wasn’t good. So I just printed the map from the website and walk around on my own. I also found couple of big maps around Zaspa neighbourhood, pointing where murals can be found. The official website of Murals Gdansk Zaspa is a perfect source of information about the works that can be found in the area!

Gdansk street art

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Gdansk street art – a photo gallery

Here you have pictures of most of the murals I’ve found! Aren’t they amazing?

Do you like murals too? Would you like to explore Gdansk street art?

gdansk street art pin (2)       gdansk street art pin (3)

If you think of visiting Poland or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!


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There are 61 Comments.

  1. Great photos ;) I love murals! I’ve seen a couple in Krakow, but I would love to explore more of Poland. Such a great urban art scene.
    Esther latest post…Kamjanets-Podilsky: de stad waar sprookjes tot leven komenMy Profile

    • kami
      21:13 17/10/2015

      Thanks! Poland has become really big in the street art scene and I couldn’t be happier about that :) you definitely should explore more than just Kraków, every big city has some amazing murals!

  2. Fajny pomysł na betonowe osiedla, ale faktycznie można mieć przesyt…

  3. What a great post! Can’t believe I went to Gdansk and missed all of this. I did see some great murals in Warsaw and Lodz though =)

  4. szał! :D

  5. Ja na street art trafiam zazwyczaj przypadkiem, tylko dwa razy na wyjeździe zrobiłam sobie z tematyczną wycieczkę.

  6. Beautiful! We have in plans Zaspa – next nearest time we visit Gdansk.
    Tatiana latest post…Zdziarski Dom – U słowackich górali na weseluMy Profile

    • kami
      21:15 17/10/2015

      you definitely should do that! I’m sure you will love it big time!

  7. Mój piękny Gdańsk <3

  8. Uwielbiam street art i zawsze, wszędzie go „zwiedzam”, a polski jest naprawdę bardzo niezły! :D

  9. A jak! Nasza gdańska Zaspa daje radę!

  10. Z takimi muralami jakoś da się znieść wielką płytę. Świetne! Jeździłam kiedyś często do Gdańska, do rodziny, bardzo lubię to miasto. Muszę się wybrać na dłużej :)
    Ania latest post…Odkryłam (nie)nudne Malediwy!My Profile

    • kami
      21:17 17/10/2015

      ja jakoś nigdy do końca Gdańska nie czułam. Piękny i w ogóle, ale ciągle mi tam czegoś brakuje, chociaz pomału się przekonuję :) a murale na blokowiskach są najlepsze, zupełnie odmieniają takie miejsca! :)

  11. Mieszkałem tam kiedyś i pamiętam tą twarz papieża :) Zaspa przodowała w polskiej sztuce murali, dziś fajne murale są też w innych miastach, ale te gdańskie mają piękną, długą historię.
    Michał – Podróże Reportera latest post…Fotograficzny poniedziałek – tajemniczy ogródMy Profile

    • kami
      21:18 17/10/2015

      no rozchulała się Polska muralowo, praktycznie w każdym większym mieście można coś znaleźć! Ale te gdańskie mnie zachwyciły, chociaz ciut za dużo ich tam było. A papież troszkę przerażający wyszedł ;)

  12. Cuda, uwielbiam murale ❤️

  13. Kama, I’m impressed again. Want to see more and more street art on your blog!

  14. Mega, tylko trzeba o ten street dbać – sprane po kilku latach murale nie wyglądają już tak fajnie – mamy parę takich przykładów w Poznaniu :)

  15. Takie cuda u nas w Gdańsku! Rewelacja! :)

  16. Już wiem co będę robiła przy okazji następnej wizyty w Gdańsku;D

  17. Niesamowite, ile ich można znaleźć!
    Traveling Rockhopper latest post…USA – HawaiiMy Profile

  18. „The Future was here” – so strong message. I liked that most. And that one with number 29 on the building.
    Mirøslav Hristøff latest post…Street photo walk – Faces from Sofia cityMy Profile

    • kami
      21:22 17/10/2015

      „the future was here” is among my favourites too!

  19. Ile tych murali jest, super. Lepsze murale niż szarość bloków. Fajną sprawą jest też to, że są związane z historią.
    Magdalena Nieścierowicz latest post…Ostatni wrześniowy dzień w AugustowieMy Profile

  20. I love street art! Looks like you found some great murals! I would love to explore Gdansk and find these–can’t believe how many murals you found–the seem to be everywhere!!

    • kami
      21:24 17/10/2015

      They were everywhere, at some point I just felt overwhelmed with them! And Gdańsk is amazing, not only when it comes to street art so I hope you will get to see it one day!

  21. I loved Gdansk although I didn’t really recall so much murals and street art. How long was it ago, about 5 years I guess, since we met there? Had a really good time, also loved Sopot near the sea …
    antonette – we12travel latest post…The European Outdoor Film TourMy Profile

    • kami
      21:25 17/10/2015

      yes, 5 or 6! Time flies so much! Back then I wasn’t even interested in street art :) Gdańsk is great, the whole 3 cities area is! You definitely should come back!

  22. Wow! I would spend hours here. They are all so beautiful and it’s amazing how these murals are across such huge buildings! I would love to walk all over the place here.
    Lauren latest post…Torre Argentina Roman Cat SanctuaryMy Profile

    • kami
      21:26 17/10/2015

      I’m sure you’d love it, it’s an amazing place! And I was so impressed with those huge murals, I really can’t imagine how someone can paint such an amazing things!!

  23. Nawet nie wiedziałem, że w Gdańsku jest tyle street artu! :D

  24. Holy cow – those are some massive murals! I’d love to spend some time just walking around and taking photographs of the city. I really like the one with the rubber cube…so interesting. Which one was your favorite?
    Ron Robbins latest post…Work vs Vacation: The Fading BoundariesMy Profile

    • kami
      12:39 15/11/2015

      I’m sure you’d enjoy Gdańsk, it’s a wonderful city anyway and all these murals just adds up to the overal great place! I can’t really say which one was my fave as I was impressed with every second one but the rubber cube is among my faves too!

  25. Amazing street art! Such creativity. Nice post :D
    Marissa Tejada latest post…photo of the week: a church in serifosMy Profile

  26. Oh wow Kami! I’m getting wanderlust just looking at these photos! I would love to spend a full day just getting to know Gdansk through its street art. The size and location of these plastered against flats reminds me of Lodz so much! Poland is one of my favourite countries, I need to get my Polish fix soon!
    Shing latest post…Things to See, Do and Eat in LeedsMy Profile

    • kami
      12:42 15/11/2015

      You definitely should come again! Have you been to Warsaw? I’d love to show you around! Funny I haven’t really explored the street art scene in Łódź but I can imagine Gdańsk is similar in that matter! You’d love it for sure!! And Gdańsk itself is pretty amazing too!

  27. So many great articles on Poland. Thanks for directing me here. Unfortunately I wont be making it this trip but I will get here someday!

    • kami
      22:19 15/02/2016

      I’m glad you enjoy posts and I hope you will make it here one day!

  28. Oh, it’s really great! I’m impressed! Long time no see Gdańsk, I was there only once actually when I was a kid and I don’t remember much from this trip.
    Epepa latest post…Interesting facts about Vienna 2My Profile

    • kami
      08:18 23/02/2016

      you definitely should go back, you will be surprised how beautiful and cool the city is!

  29. How cool is that! :)

    Ale dawno nie widziałem już ich wszystkich. Ale fajnie przeczytać tyle dobrego o własnym mieście i czasem swoich kolegach :)
    Szymon | Znajkraj latest post…Dookoła Trentino. Rowerem po DolomitachMy Profile

    • kami
      21:36 21/07/2016

      cieszę się, że się spodobał wpis :) mnie te murale bardzo wymęczyły, tak ich duzo na tak wielkim terenie, głowa mi niemalże eksplodowała od nadmiaru wrażeń :)

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